Novus Engine Partners

TECAT Engineering Incorporated

TECAT Engineering, Incorporated provides advanced engine solutions from start to finish. Their up-front engine simulation and optimization provides the necessary data to start an engine humming flawlessly before the first prototype is built. In-house engineers then develop customized engine controls while wireless sensors measure key performance characteristics, such as engine out torque, to finalize optimal engine calibration.

TECAT’s ten year proven track record is solid evidence of how they save clients time and money by providing them with accurate predictions and accurate control confirmed with simplified, wireless measurements. Customers range from individual engine designers to OEM's such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors and the Department of Defense.

Independent Engineering Laboratories

The highly experienced staff at Independent Engineering Laboratories (iEL) excels at the impossible. From designing and building complex fixtures and test stands, developing real world test conditions and failure simulation in a laboratory environment, to developing test methods and specification formulation, iEL can assist you every step of the way with your product development and validation requirements.